TOEFL Writing Strategy – Description / Explanation

Description / Explanation: (ie. In your opinion, what is the most important personality characteristic a person can have?)

These qestions are very similar to the If/Imagine questions because they allow you more freedom in creating your thesis, but they also require more creativity.
There is only one basic method to answer this type of question.
However, there are many possible scenarios that the question can include.
Therefore it is very important when answering this type of questoins to look at the verb or verb phrases in the questions and mimic those verb phrases in your answer. Examples are shown below.

Mimicking the verb or verb phrase of the question. (mimic means copy)

Here are some exampe questions with various verbs. You can notice how the thesis below each quetsion will use the same verb form as the questions.

Q1: In your opinoin, what is the best gift to send a grandmother?
T1: In my opionion, the best give to send a grandmother is …

Q2:Describe a custom from your culture that is very important.
T2: One custom from my culture that is very important is …

Q3: Explain why it is necessary for society to have police.
T3: It is important to have police because…

1. Method One:

Thesis: I think / believe that … (mimic the verb or phrases used in the question)
Topic 1: One reason I think that .. is because…
Topic 2: Another reason I think that .. is because…
Topic 3: The final reason I believe that .. is because…
Conclusion: The reasons I think that .. are … is because… (list reasons 1-3)

** You may include a topic like: On the other hand, although …. is important, there is also another side.


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